Monument Polish

Design Elements

All monuments or markers, regardless of size, can be personalized with etchings, lettering and designs depicting family history, fraternal or religious insignias, emblems, poems - whatever you choose to make a monument more meaningful to you and your family.

There are several thousand sacred and secular Symbols, fraternal, military emblems, and insignia. The same is true of Epitaphs. There is no limit to the source of quotations for memorials. Obviously, this website contains only a few examples of the material available. For more examples, contact one of our locations and speak with a representative.

Excessive use of Symbols, Epitaphs and other design elements can cause the stone to become crowded. We must recognize that all elements must be properly integrated into the design, creating symmetry and significance within established boundaries of form and dimensions. This may seem restricting, however there are endless possiblities that can be used to enhance the overall beauty of your stone.

Double Click on the images below to view examples of different design elements available.

Symbols/Emblems Etc.